Splat Tactics AZ at TacVille offers a Modern Combat Experience using Paintless Paintball during Military Simulation Mission Objectives.

When the TacVille Training Center isn’t being used for real world tactical training, Splat Tactics AZ opens to the public. The experience can be best described as combining airsoft, paintball, and video games like Call of Duty® and rolling them all into one dynamic modern combat experience!

Participants are taken on a journey to another world as they step into an indoor two-story middle eastern village- complete with hidden alleyways, bridges, clotheslines, barriers of barrels, tires, and realistic battle sounds. You will use military style paint-less paintball weapons to complete mission scenarios, learning how to work your way through obstacles and precarious situations under pressure. Each open session runs 4-5 hours.

Missions are ran using REBALL® paint-less paintball™. Never used REBALL® before? Check out our FAQs page for more information.

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